How LGSF Building Helps In Rapid Construction

With the advancement of new technology, the construction industry is changing. Rapid construction is increasing, as is the demand for energy-efficient building materials. LGSF is one such technology that requires a shorter construction period than a conventional building system. This construction technology is gaining popularity due to its numerous economic, structural, and environmental advantages. 

The need to reduce the production costs associated with building construction is also thought to be a major driver of LGSF market growth. Because of the use of prefabricated steel structures, LGSF technology provides ease of installation as well as a reduction in the cumulative project completion period.

What is a Light Gauge Steel Frame Structure (LGSF)?

Light Gauge Steel Frame is a type of construction technology that makes use of cold-formed steel as the primary building material. It can be applied to roof systems, floor systems, wall systems, roof panels, decks, and the entire structure. 

Cold-formed steel (CFS) is rapidly becoming the material of choice for low to mid-rise construction in India due to inherent advantages such as 

  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Lightweight & ease of handling
  • Cost-effective 
  • Vermin resistant
  • Dimensionally constant
  • Easily fabricated to a wide range of profiles and sizes with little material waste
  • Long-term viability, as its material properties do not deteriorate over time.

LGSF is a better choice in terms of 

  • Strength to weight ratio 
  • Seismic and wind resistance
  • Pest and mould resistance
  • LGSF construction is environmentally friendly 
  • Assembled using a completely non-combustible
  • Environmentally controlled production technique 
  • LGSF is design-led and accurate to half a millimetre

This technology allows for the rapid construction of sustainable houses. To meet the growing demands of the construction industry, light gauge steel framing manufacturers in India have been providing well-designed, precise, and meticulous LGSF structures made with cutting-edge technology. The shift to steel construction, whether for a house, commercial complex, or multi-storied building, has provided competitive advantages in terms of speed and waste reduction.

With the changing needs of the construction industry, technology is evolving to meet those needs. The LGSF technology, in conjunction with design frame CAD software, is being used to design and develop the structure and building. These methods are successfully used to build multi-story light gauge steel frame buildings for housing developments and projects. To provide a smart lean production process, the structures are fully optimised using patented technology.

Aside from providing accuracy, LGSF technology assists in meeting the rapid construction needs, particularly during pandemic times – for residential, commercial, health centres, community centres, schools, independent houses, or rehabilitation buildings.

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Advantages of LGSF Construction

  • Frames can be produced more quickly both on-site and off-site.
  • Less time and skilled labour are required to erect the structural steel frame.
  • All steel has pre-drilled holes for attaching fasteners, and all steel parts are levelled and labelled to avoid confusion; thus, there is no room for error, saving time in assembly.
  • It is manageable and time-saving due to its adaptability in creating it at the factory or on the site; as a result, assembly and production can be done side by side or faster assembly can be done by employing more labourers and purchasing pre-made steel frames in bulk from the factory.
  • Overcome the scarcity of natural minerals used in construction, such as sand, bricks, and aggregates, so that in the coming days it will be difficult to build a building in traditional construction, now is the time to adopt LGSF technology.
  • LGSF technology has been approved by the BMTPC and CPWD in India, and it is recognised by major government bodies in all states.
  • LGSF erection is so simple and quick. Picking and lifting machinery is unnecessary because light equipment is sufficient.
  • Only one supplier can be in charge of the entire project, which helps to reduce construction risk.
    Because all of the components are specially designed to work together as a system, maximum efficiency can be achieved. Impressive architectural options are available at low costs.
  • Because they are constructed of lightweight flexible members, these structures are resistant to seismic forces.
  • It is recyclable, and 70% of the material can be reused.
  • When compared to conventional construction, the speed of construction is extremely fast.
  • Steel structures have a life expectancy of 50 years, which can be extended by using advanced cladding.

In today's rapidly changing world and depleting resources, it is more important than ever to use resources wisely and work with the most environmentally friendly technologies. Construction of critical infrastructure while keeping an eye on the environment and in a short time frame highlighted the need for unconventional and innovative, but also effective, construction solutions.

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