9 Benefits Of Choosing Portable On Site Office

Prefabricated portable office structures can be set up easily. The affordable portable offices offer you convenience and comfort. The brick and mortar construction is going to consume you more effort, time and money. On the contrary, the strong and durable prefabricated offices can be constructed in a matter of days.

Relocation is also feasible with the prefabricated structures. Minimal wastage, with reusable prospects, has been another prominent aspect that led to increased acceptance of such constructions.  

We have been fortunate to deliver high-quality prefabricated structures to many elite entities and renowned companies around the country. A prefabricated structure is the best choice for a portable office onsite.

How Are Prefabricated Office Cabins Different from Concrete Construction?

The design and construction process is the basic difference between concrete construction and a prefabricated structure.

  • Portable office cabins use the prefabricated structure for constructing the office. On the other hand, brick, steel and mortar are used for concrete construction
  • Brick and mortar construction is costly compared to a prefabricated structure. Especially due to the rapidly rising cost of construction material
  • Relocation is possible with prefabricated construction, whereas it is not possible with the permanent ones
  • Prefabricated structure designing is easy and construction possible even in constrained spaces
  • Durability as much as or more than brick and fabricated structure
  • Construction of a prefabricated portable office is not as complex as a concrete structure
  • Prefabricated structure doesn’t cause harmful wastage on destruction. The material can be reused or sold to vendors for recycling. This is not possible with a brick and mortar structure. 

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Benefits of Choosing a Portable Office Site

We are listing 9 benefits of opting for a prefabricated portable office on site. You can check out the advantages for deciding which one to choose, brick and mortar construction or a prefabricated portable office on site.

portable site office

1. Quick Construction of the Office

Permanent office space constructed using concrete beams, cement, and steel is going to take too much time. The planning and construction activities are not simple as in the case of a prefabricated portable office. Construction of a portable office on-site will take around 50% less time than permanent construction.  

2. Relocate to Anywhere Anytime You Want

It is impossible to relocate a permanent construction. The only possible way is to demolish the office and use as many components as possible for the new office. However, a portable onsite office can be relocated to any site, whenever you want. Thus saving on budget.

3. Play Your Part in Protecting Biosphere

Prefabricated office structures are made of eco-friendly materials. It doesn’t cause any harmful emissions during the manufacturing and assembling process. Moreover, the wastage is minimal during the construction. Even the waste material can be reused or recycled. By using the prefabricated portable offices, you will be playing your part in protecting nature.

4. Affordable than Brick and Mortar Construction

Prefabricated portable offices are budget-friendly. A permanent construction may cause unexpected budget overheads hampering your financial planning. Prefabricated construction can be completed in a fixed, predefined, budget.

5. Cost-effective Solution

Prefabricated offices are cost-effective solutions. It would withstand adverse weather scenarios and stand strong throughout. The tropical climatic conditions or the saline environment will not be a problem for prefabricated structures.  

6. Excellent Durability

Highly durable material is used for the construction of prefabricated portable offices on site. The structure is so strong that it would endure external forces and impacts. The prefabricated structure is made of such robust material that has been tested for strength and performance. Nonetheless, you should check the reliability of the company offering the prefabricated structure before getting into a contract with them.

7. Easy Alterations

It is a difficult or impossible task to alter a permanent office made of brick and mortar. Altering a prefabricated portable office is easy and effective. The arrangements, design pattern, size of the room etc can be redesigned according to the varying requirements.

8. Convenient Construction

Prefabricated offices offer optimal convenience to the client. The office can be designed depending on the space availability. It can be moved within the premises or to another location on shifting of project. Brick and mortar structures cannot match the convenience offered by portable offices on site.

9. Multiple Usage

A permanent on-site office will have a limited purpose normally. Generally, it can be used as office space only. Nevertheless, the prefabricated office can be altered to suit any other requirement. Thus, the ROI of using the structure is very high compared to permanent construction.


We have listed just 9 benefits of choosing a portable office on-site, although there are many! An onsite office should not cost you much, at the same time, offer you all the comfort and convenience. Prefabricated structures are versatile enough to use them the way you want. An onsite office can be constructed quickly, without expending much, with the prefabricated structures.

Let us know what you are looking for. Our team can brief you on the different construction patterns, design possibilities, budgetary offers etc. Pressmach, one of the leading prefabricated construction companies in India, offers you a long-lasting and strong portable office at competitive rates.

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