Modular Home Construction: Pros and Cons

Building your own home is no easy task. When it comes to building a traditional home, there are plenty of decisions to be made regarding budget, funding, location, area, rooms, construction materials, contractors and whatnot. But what people fail to realize is that traditional construction is not just the only way to go.

The answer to building your dream home with the same level of comfort and facilities as a traditional brick and cement construction at a much lower cost, effort and time lie with modular homes. Modular home construction has picked up pace in the past few years and has become a hot-selling commodity in the home construction market.

With the availability of portable building manufacturers who can build the home of your dreams with ease, modular homes are growing in popularity at a steady pace in recent times. 

What is a Modular Home? 

 A modular home or a prefab home is a factory-built home constructed off-site, with the help of prefabricated materials, which are transported and installed in the location of your choice. A modular home is preferred over traditionally constructed homes as it involves much less cost and time to complete the construction. A modular home is also different from a mobile home; a mobile home or manufactured home refers to homes that are not built on permanent foundations and can be moved from one location to another with ease.

If you are interested in building a home but do not wish to invest all your savings, effort and time over it, modular homes might be the perfect solution. However, there are many things to keep in mind when you decide to build a modular home. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of modular homes.

Pros of Modular Home Construction

To make your decision easier, here are a few pros of modular home construction that you should know about before you take the plunge:

Time Required

Another major point of contention modular homes have over traditional homes is that the time required to construct a modular home is much lower when compared to traditional construction. The parts of a modular home are built off-site and assembled onsite which cuts down the time of construction to a large extent. If you are pressed for time in building a home, then a modular home would be the best choice for you.

Environment Friendly

Last but not least, constructing modular homes are considered to be environmentally friendly and energy-efficient over other types of home construction. The waste or scraps from modular construction can be used for other purposes without having to discard them. The materials used are also sourced in an eco-friendly and environmentally conscious manner.

Cons of Modular Home Construction 

Modular homes bring a lot of benefits for the home owners yet there are some disadvantages also.


Transportation and assembly of parts built off-site is a major challenge for modular homes. If your location is far away, the costs of transporting the modular construction would be higher. Also, if the contractor you have engaged is not an expert in their field, you face the risk of faulty assembly as well. 

Cost of Land

Even though modular homes cost around half the price of building traditional homes, there is the cost of land involved in the construction. You need to invest a huge sum in purchasing the land where you desire to set up your home. This may, in turn, make the cost of modular construction almost equivalent to that of traditional homes.

Fittings & Hookups

Finally, building a modular home would also require you to bear the additional costs of utilities, electricity, water, gas, pipelines, drains, fittings, etc. which would not come in-built with the home construction.

If you are a potential home owner, you need to be aware of all the different types of home construction options available to you. And when it comes to modular homes, these are just a few of the pros and cons that you need to consider to find out whether modular homes are the right fit for you.

To make the best and safest choice, it is important to engage a modular home expert who knows the ins and outs of the business and who has years of experience and reputation to their name. This is where you need assistance from Pressmach. We have successfully completed 4000+ projects with over 150 clients. Choose us to get an expert team and cost-effective prefab buildings as per the requirement.

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