Sandwich Panel Types and Applications In Prefabricated Constructions

Sandwich panels are construction aids that are used to clad walls and roofs. They are made of thermal insulating material that is skinned on both sides with metal. It is one of the most commonly used means to provide walls with protection from external sources and is a convenient solution for walls and roofs to get a powerful stand against external factors. These panels can’t be considered as structural materials but, moreover, a curtain material. Sandwich panels are readily available in their structure and give high load carrying capacity despite their low weight. A sandwich panel can be considered on the basis of the needed resistance, thermal, humidity, sound insulation, etc. 

The three layers of the sandwich panel are inclusive of a solid insulation core and two metal strips that encompass them with an ample amount of air space between them. The insulation material in between the metal plates can be anything from polyurethane to mineral wool to EPS. These three layers are held together by industry guaranteed adhesives or foaming agents. The durability of the sandwich panels has a direct correlation to the use and placement of the panels. According to the needs of sandwich panels, materials for the same have to be chosen wisely to ensure longevity. 


The application of sandwich panels is quite extensive in every way. They are used in stadiums, swimming pools, malls, and industrial buildings as they are an effective and economical solution that can prevent external factors from hampering the inside cooling and heating systems of the building. The application of sandwich panels are growing day by day and even extensively applied as home solutions and indeed a good problem solver for military buildings, prefabricated structures, prefabricated rooftop structures, acoustic housing, etc. 

Different Types of Sandwich Panels

The kinds of sandwich panels revolve around the kinds of materials used for the outer panels and the insulating material sandwiched between the metal panels. Each combination will have detrimental effects and is chosen according to the ultimate use it will be put into and the longevity of the panel depends on the same. 

Sandwich Panel Insulation Type

Selecting the right insulation core will help in the positively impacted performance of the sandwich panels and also in the extensibility with which they will perform. The choice of insulation panels has a direct connection to the requirements of the user and their building, like thermal, fire resistance, acoustic, and hydro insulation.

The insulation core materials are

  • Polyurethane (PUR)

Polyurethane is made using two major components: polyol and isocyanate. These, along with catalyst materials, form a rigid foam under immense pressure and specific production conditions. Polyurethane has high dimensional stability and does not absorb water. The mechanical properties are highly favorable owing to the high compressive strength. 

  • Polyisocyanurate (PIR)

Polyisocyanurate forms when the main components of polyurethane react at different mixture quantities. The rigid foam formed has a higher fire resistance capacity compared to polyurethane. In the case of fire, the formation of smoke is comparatively lower. 

  • Mineral Wool

Mineral wool is an ideal insulating material for buildings that require good sound insulation and fire resistance. This is made possible by the strong fibers in mineral wool that are made out of inorganic rocks and inorganic oxides at high temperatures. Buildings that deal with highly flammable substances will find the ideal and fitting choice will be to use mineral wool as an insulation material. 

Sandwich Panel Coating and Color

The inner and outer layers or the outer layers on either side of the insulation material are chosen after careful consideration of environmental factors that the buildings will be normally exposed to. The outer layer might be more deliberately exposed to heat and other UV rays. The inner layer, even when not directly exposed to external factors, might be more involved and come into close contact with the activities within the building, like chemical gases or condensation, etc. There are also different types of coating for the metal surfaces, like Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coating Layers, Polyester Coatings, PvDF Coatings, Plastisol Coatings, PVC films etc. 

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Why are they extensively used in modular construction?

There are many advantages to sandwich panels, which is one of the prime reasons why they are being extensively used in prefabricated buildings, prefabricated rooftops, and in acoustic rooms Let us effectively see the advantages of sandwich panels in modular construction:

Fast and easy installation: Sandwich panels are obtained in ready-to-assemble patterns and are easily customizable to adapt to the dimensions required, insulation types, coatings, etc. The sandwich panels can be easily installed on wide surfaces with the help of joints, and with the help of advanced lifting options, the placement of sandwich panels is also reduced to a remarkably shorter time span. 

Perfect thermal insulation: Sandwich panels provide adequate thermal insulation, which means that they can effectively keep the crowd warm during winter and cold during summer. This helps in living in comfortable conditions throughout the year. By choosing proper insulation materials, one can actually help with the detrimental effects and the range of thermal insulation. 

Fire Resistance: The building will be effectively protected from fire and can also slow down the intensity with which the fire is spreading, provided they are manufactured with appropriate fire-retardant additives or coatings. The material of the insulation and outer panels have to be chosen carefully and depending on the usual factors that the buildings are subjected to on a daily basis. PUF Panels are fire retardant and Rockwool panels are fire proof .

Sandwich panels are slowly becoming more and more essential for modular construction. But it is necessary to understand how the same will be beneficial for your building. Therefore, take effective input from sandwich panel providers before deciding to add the same to your buildings. 

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