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Pressmach Groups began operations in 1985 as a manufacturer of electrical insulation components, composite plastics, and acoustic enclosures for diesel generators. In 1993, we pioneered the concept of prefabricated and fast track buildings with interiors and readymade solutions in the state. Pressmach has been successful in retaining its position in the industry for 3 decades now.

We are known for the quality of all the services that we provide. With the entirety of this aptitude and ability comes an unparalleled obligation to client care. We will make a solid effort to comprehend your requirements to foster a useful, long haul business relationship. Pressmach has always gotten repeated orders from the same clients for the quality of service we provided to our clients.

We focus on listening to all of our clients needs and reacting all the more rapidly to their necessities and building more grounded solutions, and is a client-centric business."

Sunny CA
Chairman of Pressmach
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