Building Materials Used for Modular Construction

Prefabricated or Modular construction is gaining traction in recent years. Modular construction means putting together pre-built components and assembling them at the construction site. The biggest advantages of modular construction would be the huge economic scale, reduced time of construction, lowers costs when it comes to labour and materials, etc. Prefabricated or modular structures can be used to build doors, floor panels, windows, walls, roofs, rooms, and even whole buildings. 

The materials used for modular construction vary according to their specific application and uses. Let us explore the different types of modular construction materials and their features:


Concrete is one of the most commonly used construction materials around the world. It is also used extensively in modular construction. Concrete helps create sturdy structures in intricate patterns and moulds that can be used for a variety of uses in the construction of houses. We can find design elements in concrete that are made from prefabricated structures. 

Concrete in modular construction also has industrial applications for the creation of concrete panels that essentially act as building blocks. To make concrete modular construction more sustainable, additives like graphene oxide are also mixed with it. Concrete can also be formulated in various forms like lightweight, which can float on water as well as temperature resistance.

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Modular construction is not complete without glass structures. Glass is used in a variety of formats such as laminated glass, tempered glass, wire glass, heat-strengthened glass, etc. Glass is used for its various properties such as high insulating properties, strength, durability, fire resistance, weather resistance and chemical resistance. In addition, glass also provides an aesthetic appeal and attraction and is fully recyclable making it one of the most sustainable materials, which is why it is extensively used in modular construction. 


Steel is widely used in mainstream construction for creating floors, walls and support frames like columns and I-beams. It has also found its way in modular construction as well as the creation of shipping containers and steel structures. It has several advantages like recyclability, low weight to strength ratio and ease of transportation, which makes it a popular material for modular construction. We can find a rising trend of huge prefab multi storeyed buildings being constructed with the help of steel. 

Sandwich Panels

Sandwich panels are the other popular materials used in modular construction in the form of 2 thin facings which are a composite of plywood, concrete or stainless steel. These facings are then stuck to an insulating core which is made from paper, foam, rubber or cloth.

Recycled and Reclaimed Materials

Recycled and reclaimed materials like concrete, gypsum, steel, cellulose insulation, plastics, ceramics, ceiling tiles, fibreglass etc. are also modular construction materials. However, the challenge here is the lack of consistent supply which makes them unreliable for regular use. 

These are some of the most popular materials used in modular construction. Make sure you choose the right material that suits your construction needs the best. For the best modular construction services and guidance, connect with Pressmach, the leading prefabricated construction company in India. At Presshmach, we undertake all types of modular construction projects for commercial and residential applications. Our range of prefabricated solutions and projects are renowned for their superior quality and durability. For the best modular construction needs, contact Pressmach.

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