Portable Prefabricated Security Kiosk

Pressmach Kiosk units are easy to install, reusable & durable.

Portable Prefabricated Security Kiosk

Features of Pressmach Portable Security Cabins

Portable prefabricated security cabins from Pressmach have been a preferred choice for real estate developers, security offices at project sites, security kiosks in commercial areas, etc. We provide quality-assured prefab structures at affordable rates. Furthermore, we also offer ready-made security cabins.

The features that make Pressmach portable security cabins the best are:

  • Trusted quality for decades
  • Timely delivery of prefabricated security cabins
  • Design and dimension are perfect as per the client’s choice.
  • Committed to quality inspection during the manufacturing and assembly of portable security guard cabins.
  • High durability
  • Structures made of different materials available including FRP security cabins.
  • Weather-resistant to withstand adverse climatic scenarios.
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing and assembly processes

Types Of Prefab Security Guard Cabins 

We have been manufacturing multiple types of portable security cabins based on the client’s choice. We are the leading security cabin manufacturer in India and our services are available pan India. This allows you to order a cabin for security guards wherever you want.

We deliver exclusively designed cabins for security guards, security kiosks, portable security cabins, etc as per your requirements. Our professionals would submit to you the design and construction pattern of the readymade security cabins or cabins for security guards and obtain your approval. The manufacturing process of the prefabricated security cabin would begin post receipt of your consent only.

The types of portable security cabins offered by us include:

Steel Security Cabin: This panel build modular prefabricated security cabin is made of steel panels. Easy-to-assemble readymade security cabin made of steel is eco-friendly as well.

FRP Portable Security Cabin: Go for an FRP portable security cabin if you want a long-lasting, strong, and corrosion-free portable security cabin. We guarantee the quality and workmanship of each of these cabins for security guards.  

PVC Security Cabin: PVC portable security cabin made of excellent quality raw PVC material will withstand weather conditions and offer a safe shelter for the guards. We have been the number one security guard cabin manufacturer, designing and manufacturing exceptionally good readymade security cabins. PVC portable guard cabin would be suitable for your security men to guard the premises around the clock.

Steel Guard Rooms: Choose portable security cabins as well as steel guard rooms. The methodically designed and meticulously manufactured guard rooms would offer ample space for your team to function. You can choose from a variety of designs or suggest to us the design you have in mind. We guarantee the best prefabricated security cabin or security room for multiple men. 

Why Choose Pressmach for Readymade Security Cabins?

At Pressmach, we understand your needs and try our best to deliver accordingly. As a leading prefabricated security cabin manufacturer in India, we are the ideal option to get portable security guard cabins manufactured. We have proven expertise in prefab structures made of varying materials. Steel, PVC, and FRP security cabins from Pressmach would be the best option for your security team. 

The predominant factors that make us the right one for a cabin for security guards are:

Proven Quality: We strive to maintain the quality that we assure you. All our products, including portable security cabins, factory-built offices, modular hospitals, and all other structures, meet the determined quality criteria. The manufacturing and assembling processes are inspected at each stage by our quality assurance division. to ensure that you get a flawlessly made modular security cabin.

Assured Lifespan: Our products stand strong well beyond the assured lifespan. The prefabricated security cabins from Pressmach will be strong, durable, and weatherproof to withstand any adverse scenarios. Ideal for security guards, the portable security guard cabins would protect them from all external disturbances and climatic conditions.

Affordable Pricing: The cabin for security guards is priced affordably after a detailed evaluation. We assure you of the right rate for each FRP security cabin, steel security cabin, and PVC security cabin. Pricing is done by keeping the customers’ perspective in focus. Each of our prefabricated products is priced lower than what is offered by others, even though the quality is superior to that of other companies.

You can reach out to us for portable security cabins and prefabricated security rooms. We guarantee the best quality and the right price.

To order security guard cabins, do call us now.

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