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Pressmach offers state-of-the-art prefabricated site offices for all your workspace needs, be it in any suburban or a distant remote area.

Prefabricated Office

Pressmach brings you elegantly designed prefabricated offices in India. Now you don’t have to spend exorbitantly on constructing prefabricated office buildings in India. Sustainable and cost-effective than brick and mortar structures, we design movable site offices, temporary office structures and office spaces with design features sought by you.

We have the engineering specialists to design and manufacture prefabricated site offices in India, as per your dimensional, design, and aesthetic needs. From initial design to final manufacturing, our keen professionals observe the highest quality standards. Let your requirements be a porta cabin office, portable mobile office, and so on, Pressmach would be happy to deliver you modular offices in India constructed using advanced materials.

Features of Pressmach Modular Offices 

Brick and mortar structures have become a thing of the past. Imagine the expenditure, the complications involved in designing and the limitations of the permanent structure. Moreover, it is not suitable for construction in a limited space. A prefab office is a solution to overcome such construction complexities.

  • Affordable: Manufacturing a prefabricated office in India is a budget-friendly option. Forget the exorbitant budget when you go for a brick-and-mortar structure. The pre-designed and manufactured panels provide cost-effective design solutions.
  • Durability: Made of excellent quality materials, prefabricated site office buildings in India are as durable as permanent structures. The specific materials used are corrosion-free, as well as, strong against adverse weather conditions. It would withstand rain, wind, sun, and dust quite effectively.
  • Quality: Prefab modular offices from Pressmach are known for outstanding quality. You don’t have to worry about the life of the structures. It would stand strong well beyond the stated life period.
  • Eco-friendly: Prefabricated offices, including portacabin offices, portable modular offices, portable office cabins, and temporary office structures, are eco-friendly in nature. You can reuse the panels and other materials after the demolition. Furthermore, the office structure can be shifted to a new place if required. Thus, saving money and reducing disturbance to the surroundings.
  • Quick Construction: Prefabricated office buildings in India can be constructed in a short time. We would confirm the schedule of manufacture, assembly, and construction. The portable mobile office, modular office, or large office space would be built to the specified schedule promptly. The time required for the construction of a temporary office structure is a lot less than a brick and mortar construction.

Contact Pressmach prefab specialists to build custom-made prefabricated offices in India.  

Types of Modular Site Office 

Portable mobile offices, temporary office structures, temporary office structures, etc. are the common types of prefabricated offices in India. Various types of modular offices are available based on the design pattern, the material used, and the purpose intended.

Prefabricated Site Office: Prefabricated site offices have been the first option for temporary office structures at project sites. Made of PUF panels and Plastocrete, the structure offers extensive life having phenomenal strength. A prime advantage, other than being cost-effective, quick to build and weather-friendly, is that it can be relocated easily. Hence, you don’t have to construct a new site office for another project. This structure can be shifted easily.

Steel Prefabricated Office: A steel prefabricated office is another choice available with Pressmach. You can opt for this type of modular structure if you do not want office rooms made of PUF panels or Plastocrete. This colour-coated structure is available in various colours like blue, white, etc. You may note that Plastocrete is a fireproof material and is suitable for high-temperature spaces as well. 

Prefabricated Office Container: The container-shaped offices made of steel have been a durable option. The rectangular-shaped offices may be preferred depending on your needs. Drop us a message or reach out to us for discussing the characteristics of prefab office containers in detail.

Prefab Rooftop Offices: Do you want to give additional protection to your home, office, or business? The temporary rooftop building is made of PUF panels and steel. It has guaranteed strength and longevity.

Heat-resistant Prefab Site Office: Choose our heat-resistant prefab site office to have a comfortable environment, even while the temperature outside is soaring. Having a proven coating, the temperature inside the heat-resistant prefab site office comes down significantly. Porta offices, portable modular offices, temporary office structures, portable mobile offices, and other types of offices can be constructed to this specification.

These are a few of the types of prefabricated office buildings in India. Besides these, we can construct a prefab office structure depending on your needs. Many exclusive types of offices like multi-storey site offices, bunk site offices, movable site offices, modular office containers, etc. are also offered by us.

Why Choose Pressmach for Prefab Office in India?

Pressmach has been designing, manufacturing, assembling, and constructing long-lasting, strong, cost-effective, and affordable prefabricated office buildings in India for years. Many top entities, multinational companies, and renowned organisations have been our clients since our inception. We are proud to have built outstanding quality modular structures for our clients.

We believe it is our responsibility to deliver the right thing as per the client’s needs. Hence, the prefabricated structure would be designed and constructed depending on the client’s suggestions. A detailed discussion with the clients as well as internal brainstorming sessions would precede the manufacturing process.

Pursuing this attitude since the beginning, Pressmach became the trusted prefab structure builder in the country. We assure you that we have meticulously designed and constructed prefabricated buildings in India.
To discuss your prefab office project in India, call us now. 

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