Prefabricated Quality Control Room

Pressmach provides exhaustive scopes of control rooms. Our control rooms are made utilizing the best positioning hardware and altered skill by our master specifically.

Prefabricated Quality Control Room

Prefabricated Quality Control Room Manufacturer In India.

Prefabricated quality control rooms from Pressmach, the best prefab structure manufacturer in India. Designed and manufactured tailored to the project requirements, it would be the ideal choice rather than a concrete structure. Our design team would discuss the requirements and finalize the design and construction characteristics with you. A meticulously crafted prefabricated quality control room is what we assure you.

Durable Control Rooms For Harsh Industrial Environment

Some of the elements that affect the strength and durability of buildings in an industrial environment are:

  1. Adverse weather conditions
  2. Extreme temperature conditions
  3. Harsh surroundings

Many consider a brick-and-mortar structure to do better than a prefab quality control room. You can get a high-quality modular control room from Pressmach. We have been maintaining a foolproof quality control process, to ensure each of the projects completed by Pressmach Infrastructure stands strong for the promised life and beyond.

The factors that make prefabricated structures from Pressmach better than any other are:

  • Usage of best quality raw material for manufacturing the prefab structure and associated components 
  • Easy to monitor and address any technical issues that occur as the electrical path can be easily identified.
  • Aesthetic finish and durability to the control room. 
  • Tested in extreme conditions to affirm the strength, durability, and longevity
  • Weatherproof prefab structures including prefabricated quality control rooms that are ideal for tropical climatic conditions as well as the saline environment

One of the most credible among the prefabricated quality control manufacturers in India, Pressmach products poses some distinctive features.

  • Quick installation and construction of the room
  • Easy to relocate to anywhere
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing and construction methodology
  • Structure and facilities customized as per the client’s objectives
  • Elevated false flooring will be provided to run the wires.
  • Well suited for saline environments, since the materials used are non-corrosive or corrosion resistant
  • Rock wool insulated quality control rooms would make the panel room fire-resistant.
  • Aesthetic appeal that outperforms brick-and-mortar structure
  • Comprehensive manufacturing with all the facilities like wiring, sockets, light fixtures, and accessories for other facilities installed that meet industrial control room standards.
  • Guaranteed acoustics performance that makes prefab quality control room useful for industrial environment
  • Stands strong even at unforeseen climatic conditions


Applications Of Prefabricated Control Rooms

The control rooms made of modular structure can be built at any premise, without any limitations. The design and construction specifications could be according to the space available, the control room requirements, the industrial sector in which it is intended, etc.

The generic applications of the modular control rooms are:

  • To be installed at production centers  and manufacturing plants
  • For high-temperature industrial units that require quality control rooms
  • Metal production centers  like steel plants
  • Cargo handling facilities


Why Choose Pressmach Infrastructure For Control Rooms In India?

Pressmach Infrastructure stands for quality. Each of our products reflects excellence and commitment toward the clients. We have been undertaking projects including the installation of modular control rooms across India. More than marketing efforts from our end, the referrals from existing clients have been driving our growth.

 The factors that affirm faith in us are:

  1. Quality: There is no compromise on quality. If the quality assurance expert identifies any issues or suspects something, the product or the specific component would be rejected instantly. We have been successful in ensuring quality and thus we have grown to become a renowned prefabricated quality control room manufacturer in India.
  2. Service: Trusted services from Pressmach have been aiding clients in more ways than one. We are a call away for maintenance, repair, or relocation needs. Our pre, post, and after-sales support would offer you phenomenal assistance throughout.
  3. Price: All our products are reasonably priced. You can save on your budget by picking us for a modular quality control room for your organization. Even a comparison with others will tell you how reasonable we are.


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