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Modular Cleanrooms

Features of Pressmach Prefabricated Cleanroom

We have delivered portable cleanrooms around India for clients from varying sectors. Each product undergoes a thorough quality scanning process that assures you of the highest standards. The features that make us the best cleanroom manufacturers in India are:

  • Versatile Products: We offer a simply brilliant cleanroom structure that can be installed wherever you want, in the minimum amount of time. Assembling, dismantling, placing, and relocating is simple with the modular clean rooms we deliver.
  • Easy Customization: We will provide you with custom-designed portable cleanrooms and modular cleanrooms. Those can also be reconfigured whenever you want.
  • Delivery, Assembly and Maintenance: Our comprehensively designed services guarantee delivery, assembly, setting up, and maintenance support. That’s how we deliver the best portable clean rooms in India.
  • Cost-effective Cleanrooms: Designed to perfection and manufactured meticulously, the prefab cleanroom from Pressmach, the leading modular clean room manufacturer in India, is a cost-effective option. It would stand strong beyond the estimated lifespan.
  • 24x7 Support: A trusted customer support has been pivotal for us to becoming the number one clean room supplier in India.

Types Of Modular Cleanrooms

Varying types of cleanrooms that differ in design, structure, components, and materials are available nowadays. You can choose the portable cleanroom based on your requirements. As in this case, the cleanroom design for a pharmaceutical company would be different from that of an automobile manufacturing firm and so on.

Modular Cleanrooms: Obtain a clean, dust-free environment, and achieve controlled temperature conditions easily. Modular cleanrooms are advisable for research, study, and experiments in medical and technical departments.

Soft-wall Clean Rooms: Opt for a soft-wall clean room that can be moved around depending on the requirements. We prefabricated modular cleanrooms with integrated airflow designs and spot-cleaning areas.

Hard-wall Cleanrooms: We are one of the most chosen modular cleanroom manufacturers with multiple cleanroom solutions. Hard-wall clean rooms can be easily assembled, dismantled, and relocated. This type of portable cleanroom offers the possibility to expand in the future. These cleanrooms are well facilitated with all electrical and electronic components.

Research Cleanrooms: Cleanrooms for medical and technical research need exclusive design elements and features. We deliver large as well as portable cleanrooms with advanced facilities integrated.

CMM Rooms: We offer CMM rooms designed and constructed depending on the dimensional and other specific needs of the client. Offering a controlled environment ample for undertaking research, testing, etc. the prefabricated rooms would suffice for your requirements.

In addition to the above types of cleanrooms, we offer a wide variety of readymade cleanrooms that include but are not limited to, machine enclosures, test cleanrooms, enclosures for powder coating, painting bays, high bay cleanrooms, and CNC enclosures.

Why Choose Pressmach for Modular Cleanrooms in India?

Quality, reliability, and affordability are the key elements that distinguish Pressmach from other modular cleanroom manufacturers in India. We have been delivering portable cleanrooms, modular cleanrooms, and custom-designed prefabricated structures as per the client’s requirements.

We assure you:

Proven quality prefabricated cleanrooms are designed and manufactured meticulously by our professional experts. The quality assurance guidelines are diligently pursued to prevent any lacunae or technical glitches in the products we deliver.

The lifespan of the portable cleanrooms we provide is well beyond the certified period. We have been maintaining that production standard since our establishment.

Budget-friendly design and manufacturing have made us the top choice to opt for a modular construction company. We still continue to deliver affordable prefab cleanrooms that are within the budget of the clients.

We offer you exclusively designed prefab modular clean rooms anywhere in India. To learn more about our products and for business queries, contact us now.    

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