About Us


Our Story

Pressmach began operation in 1985 as a manufacturer of electrical insulation components, composite plastics and acoustic enclosures for diesel generators.

In 1993, we pioneered the concept of pre-fabricated and fast track civil buildings with interiors and readymade solutions in the state. Pressmach has been successful in retaining its position in the industry for over 3 decades now.

 The world and its energy needs are changing. People are becoming more cognizant of resources and wastage. But most builders are glued to the  same old construction methods.

Here is where we Pressmach show our difference.  We have tried to break the traditional construction methods to create the smartest, healthiest, most sustainable construction method in the market. We also make sure our construction is of the highest quality and complete them in the fastest time.

What We Offer

Company culture, Strong leadership, industry-leading benefits an an unparalleled commitment

We Understand Requirements

We are proactive in finding the best solutions for our clients needs.

We Work Precisely ​

We ensure what we deliver verifiably exceed all standards of quality and efficiency.

We Deliver Best Output​

Experience, stability and innovation in every project.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

Your dream project is just a step away