Portable Soundproof Cabins

Pressmach offers top sound evidence and lodge maker gives total acoustic arrangements even to the most requesting applications.

Acoustic Structures

Features Of Pressmach Acoustic Enclosure

Pressmach offers you diligently designed, quality-proven acoustic structures and soundproof enclosures. Our methodical design and manufacturing process make the acoustic enclosures of exceptional quality, a cut above the rest. This has made us one of the top acoustic enclosure manufacturers in India.

  • Global design and manufacturing standards.
  • No compromise on quality. Each acoustic enclosure is inspected during the production stage and post-production by the quality assurance team.
  • Assured sound protection and total noise cancellation.
  • Uses exclusively selected high-grade acoustic panels.
  • Soundproof boards with tested sound-reflecting properties are utilised for manufacturing the acoustic enclosures.
  • A state-of-the-art manufacturing centre, designed as per international guidelines.
  • Meticulous assurance on the performance of the acoustic structure by maintaining globally pursued processes

Types Of Soundproof Enclosures

Soundproofing has been a matter of concern during the operation of noisy systems like generators. Ineffective noise cancellation can have a physical impact on the operator and those around him/her, as well as a negative impact on productivity. Working in a cacophonic atmosphere is truly difficult. That is where an advanced acoustic enclosure comes into use.

A properly assembled soundproof structure, made of durable materials, can optimally reduce sound pollution. Pressmach has been the leading acoustic enclosure manufacturer in India by serving clients with excellent quality acoustic enclosures, portable soundproof rooms, etc.

You can reach out to us, the renowned prefab structure architects, to obtain custom-designed as well as standard soundproofing systems for your entity or equipment.

Acoustic Enclosure for Vehicle Generators

We have been expert acoustic enclosure manufacturers with a phenomenal presence across industries. Our soundproof enclosure manufacturing specialists would study your needs and suggest the best acoustic structure in India. Acoustic enclosures for vehicle generators are ideal for preventing sound pollution from generators ranging from 10 KVA to 3000 KVA. A precisely designed acoustic structure would effectively prevent noise pollution.

Acoustic Structure for Generators

A noisy generator can affect discussions, meetings, classes, conferences, etc. The harsh sound can disrupt serious discussions, contemplation of issues of importance, thinking, and listening to something in peace. The only way to avoid this is to install an acoustic enclosure of proven quality. The acoustic structure would suppress the sound and offer a calm atmosphere. We have been the most preferred acoustic enclosure manufacturer, delivering soundproof enclosures for years. We offer excellent quality portable soundproof rooms, acoustic enclosures, and acoustic structures for you to choose from according to your needs.

Acoustic Structure for Compressor

Check out the acoustic structures for compressors from the best soundproof enclosure manufacturers in India. We choose the raw materials, design, and structure diligently to provide the best soundproofing system. Digitally powered technology is implemented for the complete designing and manufacturing process, besides manual inspection by the Quality Assurance team. The custom-designed soundproof enclosure will function flawlessly without any trouble. Get affordable soundproof structures from us.

Soundproof Structure for Crane

Imagine the noise pollution during the operation of a crane. The competitively priced and intelligently designed soundproof enclosure for the crane is manufactured using impeccable quality material. You can now get affordably priced acoustic structures for cranes from the number one acoustic enclosure manufacturer in India. Everything from the raw materials used to the design specialities is pursued carefully with a customer-centric approach.

Acoustic Enclosure for Sound Absorption

Prevent noise pollution by using these specially designed acoustic enclosures for sound absorption. It would reduce the sound phenomenally through a proven technique, thus alleviating the possibility of sound disturbance to the surrounding premises. This is a preferable option for noisy machinery working in busy locations and prime areas. For queries and to procure competitively priced acoustic structures for sound absorption, call us right away.

Portable Soundproof Enclosure for Blowers

By installing this exclusively designed soundproof enclosure, you can reduce the sound created by blowers remarkably. Forget the concerns of noise pollution with this highly durable, strong, and reliable soundproof structure.

Pressmach, the leading soundproof enclosure manufacturer in India, offers a wide spectrum of acoustic enclosures, acoustic structures, and soundproof solutions. We provide custom-tailored soundproofing systems depending on the client’s needs.

Why Choose Pressmach For Acoustic Enclosure?

Pressmach has been a credible acoustic enclosure manufacturer in India for years. All our products are of proven quality with a foolproof design and excellent raw materials. You can be assured of the longevity and performance of the soundproof enclosures from us.

The significant features that make us the top acoustic enclosure manufacturers in India are:

  • Products of undeniable quality that would perform optimally without any defects or issues.
  • Affordably priced products, without any reduction in design or manufacturing quality.
  • Extensive lifespan with each product undergoing a thorough evaluation and inspection process.

To know more about our acoustic enclosures in India, call now.

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