Our Services

Erecting Temporary Buildings, Dismantling & Refixing pre-fabricated Structures and Turnkey Solutions.

Our Interior Services

Demolition, strip-out and refurbishment

All finishes, carpets, suspended ceilings, wall cladding & raised floors

Electrical, plumbing, and BMS services.

Extension of lighting, air-conditioning and fire systems

Custom decor, Corporate branding, and workstation

Internal partioning, office furniture, fixtures and equipment

Power / Data-cabling, enhanced services and specialist lighting

Completion of lighting, air-conditioning and fire systems

Civil works, Finishing, effects and Network solutions

The Pressmach Process


Requirements, scope, budgets, and schedule- everything starts with a comprehensive space and feasibility survey. What is the need? What are the structural limitations? What should the space flow be to enable people to move within the location? What are the machines, software and networks that are going to make the place agile, proactive and responsive? What are the procurement routes, cost evaluation and program implications? Accommodation of workforce expansion to mobility issues, identification of hackable sources to productivity zones and more… everything is assessed, and analyzed to ensure design efficiencies.

Logistics, accounting, site management to quality control- Planning involves accurate definitions of the scope of work. Every operation is listed for complete transparency and timelines are fixed according to the requirements. A feasibility assessment and approvals required are spelled out before project commencement to ensure that everything goes as per plan.

What is the end goal? Space efficiency, team productivity, sustainability or employee well being? Design to Pressmach is a business strategy.

Everything is identified with care, starting with the vibe. The environment speaks volumes about the organizational culture and is the brand identity. This process starts with a blueprint that effectively balances structure with style. Every detail is whetted out- energy conservation and sustainable business practices, natural light, to space flow, furniture, workstations to be created… right down to the wiring, choice of colors, and chill-out zones to conference rooms. Positioning the space to cater to current requirements and providing for future requirements… design possibilities are limited only by imagination.

The build and fit out requires coordination and organization at all levels to ensure effective and efficient project management. Pressmach works with the finest in the profession to ensure that everything-site management, workers safety, inspections, approvals to execution are handled effectively to adhere to the delivery timeline.

Every functional, aesthetic, and human element is worked out to deliver an optimal design. The Team works with detailed project specification data, working drawings, regulations and compliance requirements, advanced tools like 3D visualization and interior architecture tools to manage every detail. Constant feedback, periodic checks, and maintenance are leveraged to refine the process and ensure that nothing but the best is delivered with minimal disruption and highest quality standards.